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A hidden treasure virtually unknown to the outside world, Cambodian cuisine is often described as a mixture of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine – but don’t tell that to a Cambodian! They believe their cuisine is in a class of its own, and they’re right!

Here’s your chance to experience the flavours and wonders of Cambodia in your own home plus be able to give back with proceeds of the cookbook From Spiders to Water Lilies going directly back to worthy Friends-International’s projects.

Looking for a unique gift that continues to give back?

For a limited time, ‘From Spiders To Water Lilies’ is available for only AU$45 plus GST

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From Spiders to Water Lilies

As 18 year old student, Noeum Chanreasy puts it....

"When I was younger, I dreamed about eating a hamburger. When I could finally afford to buy one, I realized they do not compare to Cambodian food at all!"

‘From Spiders To Water Lilies’ features over 40 authentic Cambodian dishes taken from original recipes used in the early 1900’s and used today in the renowned Romdeng Restaurant located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. You can now discover traditional mouth-watering Cambodian meals in your own kitchen… and surprisingly, it’s really easy too! Much more than a cookbook, ‘From Spiders To Water Lilies’ is also a journey into traditional Cambodian culture taking you on a journey and giving you an insight into thousands of vulnerable and homeless Cambodian children who have all contributed to this book in some way. Thank you for your contribution… you can help and give back! RRP: AU$45 plus GST.

NEW RELEASE: Award winning
Lao Cookbook

Laos is known for its beautiful landscape, relaxed culture and warm, friendly people and as Gustav Auer, author of Friends-International’s latest cookbook Honeybees to Pepperwood comments “I love Laos! Its food is just like the country … beautiful, relaxed and heart-warming!”

Proceeds of the cookbook go directly back to Friends-International’s worthy projects. Purchase your copy now for only AU$45 plus GST

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Discover two amazing cultures through their cuisine

For a limited time, these two exquisite cookbooks are available for ONLY AU$80 plus GST.

More than cookbooks, From Spiders to Water Lilies and From Honeybees to Pepperwood each feature over 160 pages of mouth-watering traditional recipes, exquisite photography and inspiring stories from two of Asia's most fascinating countries, Cambodia& Laos. Unlike any other cookbook available, these are unique journeys of cuisine as well as culture, hope, change and joy.

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